iMoodle EdTech Additions

iLite offers its own unique version of Moodle aimed at Corporate and Educational Clients who require a little something extra from Moodle.


iMoodle for Moodlers

iMoodle consists of five main components that, when woven together, result in a Learner Management System that enables our clients to deliver a more complete learning solution to their users.

These four components are:

  1. The latest stable release of Moodle.
  2. A number of carefully selected 3rd party plugins from the Moodle plugin store.
  3. Proprietary plugins developed by iLite specifically for Moodle.
  4. Security, Storage and Emailing functionality to round out the deployed instance.
  5. Mobile access via the Moodle Premium Mobile App.

Our goal is to try to bring a calm and simplicity to what are incredibly complex problems so that you’re not aware really of the solution.

Jonathan Ive

Standard Moodle Plugins

iLite has select a number of plugins available from the Moodle plugins repository to extend the default functionality in Moodle.

Along with the standard plugins available in Moodle, iLite has also developed a number of custom plugins that help to simplify managing users and create a more complete learning experience.


Communication and collaboration are two key elements for delivering successful online training. Knowing which plugins to use, and how best to use them is essential to effective communication.


User engagement is very dependent on the quality of the content the users interact with. iLite will assist you to develop your own content, and will even build your content for you if required.


There are a number of activities in Moodle that can be used to assess users. The setup of these activities may very depending on your requirements. iLite helps you select the right assessment activity.


Certificates and Badges are two of the ways in which users are rewarded in Moodle. Gamification elements can be added to Moodle to help stimulate the learning towards these rewards.


iLite has taken two of the more popular payment methods specifically focused at the African market and updated them slight to provide a bit more versatility.


Moodle has many standard reports, and even a few additional 3rd party reporting plugins that are very good. iLite extends the reporting capabilities further


Moodle Mobile Application

iLite offers the Moodle Mobile application free to all clients we host.

The Moodle Mobile application is maintained by Moodle in Spain and provides users with the following benefits:

  • Download your course and access your content even when offline.
  • Complete a quiz offline and send back only the results.
  • Access videos and SCORM content offline.

All the core functions in Moodle are available from the Mobile application. This allows users the ability to seamlessly move between the browser the mobile application when completing a course. As they move from browser to application, the tracking updates and shows them their progress.

Download the Moodle Mobile Application from one of the stores below.


Security, Storage, Mailing and more

A Moodle installation would not be complete unless you have also considered the security of your users data, managing large files and communicating with your users.


Your users data protection starts with a secure server, security across the internet and a secure Moodle installation. iLite works very hard at ensuring complete end-to-end security for all user data.


At iLite we work with our clients to help them manage their user content course content more efficiently. We evaluate your requirements and make recommendations on how to best host and manage this content.

Bulk Emailing

Communication with users is an important component of online learning. We work with our clients to prevent emails landing in spam and help integrate bulk mailing solutions into their Moodle instances.