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iLite provides a number of hosting and support options for Moodle. We get that some of our clients may have unique requirements that cannot be met by a standard Moodle installation.

The beauty of Moodle is that it is open-source, and there is a combination of plugins and customisations that can be made to suite your need.

Have a look at the FAQ’s below, and if you still don’t get an answer, drop us an email and we will gladly try to assist.

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Popular Questions

Some of the more popular questions we get asked:

Do you provide Moodle hosting?

iLite provides cloud-based hosting on both shared and dedicated servers that have been configured around your requirements.

Do you provide Moodle training?

iLite offers both Administrator and Teacher training for Moodle training covering all the basics to get you up and running. The training sessions can be recorded and uploaded to your site.
We also provides deep-dive training that focuses on your particular requirements.

Do you also develop content?

At iLite we provide content development as a service using Articulate 360, or directly in Moodle using the available resources and H5P.

I want to manage my own Moodle site?

Managing your own Moodle site is very much in line with our hands-off approach. We look after the server, making sure Moodle is running at its best, while you focus on using Moodle.

I am a small company, can you help me?

Yes, we can. Although iLite has a number of larger corporates that we work with, we very much believe that education should be available for everyone. To that end, we work with companies of all sizes to help enable learning where possible.

Training Questions

Training is an important part of what we do. Below are three of the more common training questions we have been asked.

Can I record the session?

Absolutely. In fact we ask that you do make a recording and upload it to your site.

Do you follow a curriculum when training?

iLite has a well defined curriculum for both the Administrator and Teacher training courses that we provide. Both these courses are available to our hosted clients on completion of the training.

What if I need training on something specific?

That should be no problem. Let us know what training you require and we will set up a training session for your.

Server Related Questions

Some of the questions we get asked about the setup of our Moodle sites.

Are your Moodle sites secure?

Yes. All our sites are set up to run over HTTPS using an SSL certificate we add. All our sites are hosted on servers that have an ISO 27001 certificate. We also for WAF security as an optional extra.

What about performance?

iLite takes great care in mapping your requirements to the best hosting options available. The ensure optimal performance for your site and the best experience for your users.

Can we run penetration testing against the site?

Yes you may. As long as we host you on a dedicated server, and with prior arrangement with the hosting company, you may run a penetration test against your site on our server.